Trong Suốt
(Ngộ cafe, 14/06/2023)
Bài thơ này ra đời ở quán Ngộ và bạn Nguyễn Thị Yến Phi – chủ shop Ngọc Lưu Ly chuyên chăm sóc sức khoẻ cho mọi người qua mát-xa, bấm huyệt, giác hơi và đặc biệt là chúc lành và đọc thần chú cho khách trong khi trị liệu xin 1 bài thơ với mong muốn khách hàng khi đến với shop sẽ được thanh lọc toàn thân, phục hồi sức khoẻ, được thả lỏng, nghỉ ngơi, chữa lành thân tâm bệnh.
Tiệm chăm sóc sức khoẻ Ngọc Lưu Ly 



My body often feels pain
My mind is tired of life
Seeking a place to escape suffering

Where can it be, oh teacher?

Though the character may suffer
The screen remains unaffected
There is something indestructible

Amidst all pain and suffering

The scene may seem like an illness
The source of illness is not ill
Depart from the branches, return to the root
The treatment of illness as it has always been

The blue-colored glass of the Ngọc Lưu Ly
Shows no traces of impurity
Both body and mind are Awareness
How could they be stained and dirty?

No matter what you do
Recognize Awareness is here
Let Awareness manifest itself
And true happiness will be complete

Trong Suốt
(Ngộ cafe, 14/06/2023)
This poem was born at the Ngộ cafe and Nguyen Thi Yen Phi – the owner of Ngọc Lưu Ly shop specialized in caring for people’s health through massage, acupuncture, steam therapy, and especially blessings and reciting mantras for customers during treatment – requested a poem with the hope that customers coming to the shop will have their entire body purified, regain their health, relax, and heal both body and mind.